Examination papers on this site are restricted to teachers working in schools. To obtain a teacher login code (which will allow you to complete the order) please complete the registration form here.

If a purchase order is being used and you wish to be invoiced, please select the “Bank Transfer” payment gateway and put your purchase order (PO) number in the box below. We will approve the order and you will be able to download the papers from the “Your Account” section of the website within a day or two. A tax invoice will then be emailed to you. There is no fees associated with PO’s.

If a Credit card is being used, you can download your papers and tax invoice immediately form the “Your Account” section of the website.

Credit cards are charged a processor fee of 1.75% + 0.30c, whilst PayPal is  charged at 1.95% + 0.10c. These are the fees charged to us by the credit card companies. You can see these fees on the processors web pages here for PayPal and here for all other Credit Cards.